​Margaret Nowotarski: Great service - matched my outfit perfectly!

Maggie Morrow

"Maureen is a very talented designer. I have known her for a number of years and have seen some of her unique headpieces. She made me a stunning headpiece for a wedding which was admired by several of the guests. I have a wedding coming up soon and I will asking Maureen to design me another unique headpiece."​

Elaine Jeffrey

"Maureen really went out of the way to make me the perfect hatinator, I truly loved it. I came a customer and left a friend from the first visit.
Honestly can say her hats are fabulous.
Don't go anywhere else, you will be so glad you came to Maureen"

Vickie Sayers

"Absolutely loved my head  piece! Went perfectly

with my dress for the wedding.  Thank you so much for making it!"

"Was absolutely gorgeous! Brilliant customer service, couldn't have been more helpful.  Kept me in the loop of everything such as making sure the colour was a good match etc. And a very reasonable  price! Would recommend to anyone, thank you!"

Fiona Robinson: 

"​Perfect match for my outfit!"

Heather and Rebecca Green

Heather: "Brilliant! Black and White Bird managed to do me and my two daughters headpieces for a wedding.

(a) in a short space of time

(b)  without physically being able to see outfits (Irish Sea problem)

(c) working out head sizes (who would have thought about that!)

(d) lots of pics on progress

(e) extremely reasonable

Just an absolutely amazing service and I would recommend Black and White Bird to everyone who has an upcoming event that they want to stand out at.

Jemma Young

Maureen is excellent at what she does.  I didn't give her a lot of time and she came up with a design that was much better than I could have imagined.  She was great at matching up the colours and working the design in to go with my outfit. Would recommend her above anyone else.  Definitely give her a call!

Christine Robinson:" I had great fun wearing this - felt really glamorous. Thank you soooo much Maureen."